Rough-Luxe Teepees from Camp Wandawega

Teepees of Camp Wandawega are Sioux style canvas tipis perched on a secluded bluff overlooking the Lake Wandawega.

Camp Wandawega is a historic Lake Resort since 1925, David & Tereasa purchased it in 2003 and renovated it into a fantasy countryside camp.

Designer: Tereasa Surrat
Location: Elkhorn, Walworth County, Wisconsin, USA
Images via: Camp Wandawega

Big tipi Teepees Exterior Wandawega

Teepees Deck Wandawega

Tereasa Surrat is a creative director, stylist, author, photographer and innkeeper, has published 2 home style books: “A Very Modest Cottage” & “Found Free & Flea”.

Teepees Tipi Deck Wandawega

Teepees interior Wandawega

Teepees Bed Camp Wandawega

Camp Wandawega Map

These modern canvas recreations of classic, timeless Native American designs are nestled in hidden clearings on a bluff overlooking the lake and wetlands. For our Native American friends the tipi was durable, provided warmth and comfort in the winter, was cool in the heat of summer, and stayed dry during heavy rains.

Camp Wandawega