The Bran / CLB Architects

The owners of this building had commissioned the architect to do their original house 23 years ago and returned to them with the charge of designing a new stand-alone structure on the property to accommodate three uses: a comfortable guest suite, a fitness/workout room, and a large garage/workshop where the husband could indulge his passion for restoring vintage cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The clients had been researching precedents for the new structure and had decided that the 2,400-square-foot building should take the form of a classic gambrel-roof barn, so that was the starting point for the design.

Architects: CLB Architects
Location: Wilson, Wyoming
Photography: Audrey Hall

The context is a 15-acre site with a rustic log main house at the edge of a lake with expansive views of the Teton Range to the west and north. By locating the structure off the northeast corner of the existing house, the design manages to capture views without compromising those of the main house. Because the barn shape is classic and traditional, the architects wanted to add an unexpected element to the design, which took the form of a glass curtain wall in the workout/fitness area that takes full advantage of the Teton views to the north.

Materials for the building are in keeping with its traditional form and are limited to two different tones of old barn wood, gray and brown. The structure is a rigorous set of timber and steel trusses on a 4’ module that run the length of the building. The lower level is dedicated to the workshop garage and entry, while the upper level houses the guest suite and the workout room with a small kitchen. The interiors reflect a contemporary aesthetic that complements the barn’s functional, clean lines.