Swing Bin by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

Looks like a modern sculpture, the Swing Bin is a minimalist waste bin created by Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi with a clever idea.

It has a simple cylinder shape, but its true uniqueness is the diagonal opening has been dramatically cut with a wooden lid, a lid that swings and tilts with no screws, gears, or wires.

A beauty created by an ultimate simplicity is serene and dignified. Almost like a sculpture. Its diagonal opening has been dramatically cut giving us a very primitive impression and beautiful form with no unnecessary elements. When we see how it works, SWING BIN with its precisely designed lid makes us hesitate to associate it with words like “”waste” or “trash”. It even reduces our unconscious frustrations when we throw things away with its elegance and functionality. SWING BIN. It is not just a beautiful bin, but it makes everything around it even more beautiful.