© Mikkel Frost

StreetDome Skate City by CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke

Located in the small coastal town of Haderslev, Denmark, the StreetDome is an indoor skateboarding and street culture facility consist of a huge concrete dome and an impressive skatepark with a variety of street inspired obstacles.

Architects: Cebra Architects, Glifberg+Lykke
Location: Haderslev, Denmark
Photography: Mikkel Frost / CEBRA

© Mikkel Frost
© Mikkel Frost

Based on CEBRA’s igloo hall concept, the dome outside can be used as another object with blanks, stairs and quarter pipes along the rim.

Inside the space, pools are scooped out of the floor and in the middle there is a boulder structure containing ancillary rooms and bathrooms, people can flow seamlessly through wide gates into the bowls.

© Mikkel Frost

Except skating infrastructure, there are plenty of opportunities for people who like rockclimbing, bouldering and parkour. More visit streetdome.dk >>

Inspiration from architect:

To reduce running costs, the hall is unheated and lit primarily through daylight while the building’s surface area has been minimized through its dome shape.

The roof spans around 40 meters under which there is a large open floor. This space is free of load-bearing structures and can therefore be used for any kind of sporting arrangement.