Son Serra Shelter /  munarq

An ecosystem refuge, a minimal dwelling designed from the materials we could find in the dune systems of Son Serra de Marina.

With an almost “naive” geometry, simple and austere as if it were a fisherman’s hut from 100 years ago.

With two volumes together, one of double height to allow good air circulation during the hot months and cover flat and the other sloping with a window on the ceiling that illuminates the room and brings the sun in the cold months.

Architects: Pau Munar / munarq
Location: Son Serra de Marina, Mallorca

On the other side is the porch, to the north the most important space in summer to shelter from the sun and the wind of the storm that cools the whole house.

The native vegetation also shows us the authenticity of the place where we are and the respect that the landscape deserves.

The sandstone from the quarry of Cas Vilafranquer de Petra 10 minutes by truck from Son Serra, grouted with lime cement.

In winter, the only contribution of energy will be the wood stove and the good orientation of the stained glass windows.

munarq is an architectural studio based in Mallorca founded by Rafel Munar and Pau Munar focused on the integration of architecture in the Mediterranean landscape.