Solo House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

Perched on a lush hillside surrounded by a rural landscape of vineyards and olive groves, the Solo House is a unique second home, with a monolithic concrete structure supported by a blind podium.

Architects: Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Location: Cretas, Spain
Photographs: Estudio Palma

This building is transparent and symmetric, on the upper platform there is a single interior room — a roofless patio with a swimming pool — the only room. The corners can become balconies, terraces, or rooms depending on personal desires.

Rough concrete stairs lead to two doors, which lead to the same dark space endowed with a single window and a spiral staircase.

Inspiration from architect:

An elevated condition visible from a distance and another that disappears under the foliage. The platform’s aerial world establishes its own cardinal directions. A perimeter ring, a panoramic rotunda measured by sixteen columns at regular distances, is occupied by a sequence of rooms with informally defined functions.

About Solo House Project:
Created by Christian Bourdais in 2010 to revolutionize the world of architecture in general, and the universe of the second home in particular, the Solo Houses are a project of 10 equally “curated” dwellings built by the world’s most talented architects of this generation, and commissioned to each architect with a carte blanche.