©Wang Ting

Smriti Curtilage by T.K. Chu Design

Created by Taiwan-based T.K. Chu Design, the Smriti Curtilage is a serenely elegant villa nestled around a courtyard named ‘耦园’ in Suzhou, coupling features in the philosophies of duality in a very Chinese manner.

There is a weight dose of contagious serenity spreading from the courtyard to the interior through the sliding glass doors, which open to a limpid pond and a Zen garden, with full-height windows, neutral tones, sculpture staircase and the artful pavilion.

The concept of design is grounded on a strong form of externalization of traditional Chinese philosophies: individuals being manifesting their humblest demeanor in an effort to show reverence to Mother Nature and reach the oneness with nature.

T.K. Chu