SCK — House in the garden / JRKVC

In the beginning, the decision was not to succumb to the pressure of common societal expectations. Especially in Bratislava, where the real estate market is distorted and significantly overexposed, the usual procedure, if you do not belong to the wealthier part of the population, is the mortgage debt for several decades. The inhabitants of this house decided to take a different path. On their own, in many cases on their own, on their parents’ land, they built a house of modest size. The construction took four years, in conditions that are far from ideal, with considerable personal commitment, determination, and patience. Their house is, in its sincerity, a great example of how one can resist the usual schemes of late capitalism.

Architects: JRKVC
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Photography: Peter Jurkovič

SCK—Peter Jurkovič Tribute to Adolf Loos.