Rovereaz Housing by Localarchitecture

Standing on a slope in Chailly, a neighborhood in the city of Lausanne, the Rovereaz Housing is a three-story residential building with a panoramic view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Architects: Localarchitecture
Location: Chailly, Lausanne, Switzerland
Photography: Matthieu Gafsou

Leaning along Rovereaz Road, the building displays a singular architectural shape determined by the triangular plot.

The structure consists of exposed concrete slabs and load-bearing walls, the facade is covered with a corrugated skin that alludes to the agricultural past of the estate of Rovereaz.

Inspiration from architect:

On the street side, facing north, the building reveals a relatively closed facade, with a verticality enhanced by the undulations of the facade material. A slight fold interrupts the facade’s rhythm and underlines the bending towards Rovereaz Road. The glazed staircase leading to the apartments partitions freely the volume of the building.