Ravensburg Art Museum by Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei

Situated on the southern edge of Ravensburg’s old town, it looks like a medieval castle building with sandstone-colored bricks and an arched roof.

Actually, the facade is made ​​from recycled bricks covered from the demolition of an old monastery, Ravensburg Art Museum is the world’s first museum in the passive house standard.

Architects: LRO – Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei
Location: Castle Street 9, Ravensburg, Germany
Photography: Roland Halbe

Inspiration from architect:

To learn from the long tradition of building without falling into historicism is the decisive approach used for the design of the new art museum in Ravensburg. To exhibit the modern art that constitutes the basis of the Peter and Gudrun Selinka Collection, spaces with a strong sense of enclosure have been created, with window openings only at selected locations. The corporeal nature of this architecture is especially apparent in the vaulted brick shells on the upper level.

The building is not meant to establish a strong contrast through modernity, but instead to fit harmoniously and self-evidently into a townscape that has developed over centuries.