Pyrus 9+10 by Strom Architects

Situated on the island of Lidingö in Stockholm, Pyrus 9+10 comprises the design of two large villas, all show the appearance of box-style buildings.

Architects: Strom Architects
Location: Lidingö, Sweden

The larger house is clad in black stained timber and has a dark interior, while the smaller house is clad with a SIOO treated cladding and has a lighter interior.

A concrete retaining wall is placed along the contours, over which a two-storey volume cantilevers to the north, while to the south, it nestles into the steep slope, only presenting a single storey building to the entrance. Stepped landscaped terracing integrates the architecture into the site.

The roof is easier to access from the top floor living spaces, as well as allowing fantastic views across the treetops and over the beautiful archipelago.