Lullaby Pendant by Monica Förster

Created by Stockholm-based designer Monica Förster and her design studio, the Lullaby is a series of pendant lamp that made from stone paper with ash lamellae.

Designer: Monica Förster
manufacturer: Lightyears

Lullaby Pendant by Monica Forster 6

Lullaby Pendant by Monica Forster 5

The stone paper is fashioned into pentagonal, yet slightly organic-looking shapes using five slender ash lamellae, emitting a soft, muted light that communicates a cosy, natural atmosphere to the room.

Lullaby Pendant by Monica Forster 2

Lullaby Pendant by Monica Forster 7

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Lullaby by Monica Forster 3

Lullaby by Monica Forster 4

Inspiration from designer:

Taking inspiration from shaping techniques of the acclaimed sculptor Isamu Noguchi, we have created a series of pendant lights in sustainable materials that exude opalescence and lightness.