Industrial Facility W152

As a joint design between the Swedish lighting company Wästberg and London design studio Industrial Facility, the W152 lamp is an electronic LED lamp that provides intelligent and universal power from three 3A USB outlets.

Designer: Industrial Facility
Manufacturer: Wästberg

Industrial Facility W152 2

Industrial Facility W152 3

The lamp body is solid aluminum and intelligent lighting device enough to load the latest generation of notebooks or tablet computers quickly.

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Industrial Facility W152 4

Industrial Facility W152 5

It has a programmable micro switch, can be rotated 360 degrees to direct the light where you want, is available as freestanding, wall-mountable or integrated.

Industrial Facility W152 6

Inspiration from designer:

Printed circuit boards, micro-chips and diodes are now staple ingredients, providing greater control, conserving energy and with longer lifespans. This transformation is a chance to establish new possibilities for the meeting point between light and electronics – that wherever light is supplied, power is often also required to charge our burgeoning devices.