Kaico Series by Koizumi Studio

Created by Japanese designer Makoto Koizumi, the Kaico is a series simple but high quality enamel wares originated from Japanese artisans desire – something so inherently warm and timeless about Japanese white enamel.

Designer: Makoto Koizumi / Koizumi Studio
Photographs: Yosuke Otomo, Courtesy of Koizumi Studio

Kaico Series by Koizumi Studio

Kaico Kettle by Koizumi Studio

Made in white enamel coated steel with maple wood handles, the Kaico series consists of tea kettle, coffee kettle, pots and milk pan, all being durable and thermal-efficient.

Kaico Milk Pan by Koizumi Studio

Kaico Pot Series by Koizumi Studio

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Kaico Coffee Kettle by Koizumi Studio

Kaico Tea Kettle by Koizumi Studio

Inspiration from designer:

Easy to wash with large opening form, big tree of the handle that is not easy to hold hot, broad shape of the bottom of the order to receive the heat,
And to use the Japanese Shiraki in its shape, it became gracious form when obediently go to form.

Kaico Oil Pot by Koizumi Studio
© Yosuke Otomo