© Tiia Ettala

Playhouse by Anna & Eugeni Bach

Located in their grandparents farm, surrounded by rural finnish landscape and apple trees, the Playhouse is an only 10 m² small cottage created by Anna and Eugeni Bach for their two children.

Architects: Anna & Eugeni Bach / Bach Arquitectes
Location: Pälölä farm, Nummi Pusula, Finland
Photography: Tiia Ettala

© Tiia Ettala

This “house” was all built by two persons (architect couple themselves), with the help and collaboration of two little helpers and grandparents, they only spent two weeks and 800€.

© Tiia Ettala

The whole cottage is made of wood; structure, floors, walls and roof, using traditional construction techniques used in Finnish barns. Its structure is very simple: repeated in two equal modules but oriented in opposite directions, one of these modules is double-height, another one has two levels connected by a little ladder.

© Tiia Ettala
© Tiia Ettala

Inspiration from architect:

When an architect couple has young kids, there will arrive a day when they ask:

– Mom, dad,… You´re architects, aren´t you?

– Yes…

– And you make houses for people?

– Yes, of course,…

And then comes the key question:

– So why don´t you do a house for us?

In such a situation, there are two possibilities: find an excuse to avoid it, or promise them that you will make a house especially designed for them.

We found ourselves in this stuation last summer, and we promised them that we would build a house for them on their grandparents farm in Finland. And, of course, at the kids insistence we fulfilled our promise.