Penafiel House by Cláudio Vilarinho

Lying on a 10-meter-high slope, the Penafiel House is a 28×10 meters white cuboid with parking located below the cantilever where the main entrance is here.

Architects: Cláudio Vilarinho
Location: Penafiel, Portugal
Photography: Courtesy of Cláudio Vilarinho

Created by Porto-based architect Cláudio Vilarinho, this four-bedroom house has a huge glass opening for the sights towards the horizon, except the patio in the middle of the house contains a small tree, and it has other four skylights.

Inspiration from architect:

The first idea: a white volume that rests on a continuous grass carpet.
The second idea: the house has 6 façades.

When in a highest stage we are descending the existing path, we see a volume that comes down and accompanies us, suddenly this volume leans up and projects itself to the valley.