© Ruedi Walti

Ospizio San Gottardo by Miller & Maranta

Perched on a height of 2114 metres at the top of the Alps, Ospizio San Gottardo is old building between the two small mountain lakes, the former hospice that has been operating as a comfortable annex of the neighbouring hotel since 2010 by St. Gotthard Foundation.

Architects: Miller & Maranta
Location: St. Gotthard-Pass, Switzerland
Photographs: Ruedi Walti

Originally built in 1237 and recently renovated by architects Miller & Maranta, by keeping the shape of the gable and raising it by one storey, hollowing out the house and placing a new wooden structure inside, and capping it off with a big, lead-covered roof.

© Ruedi Walti
© Ruedi Walti

In a perfect fusion between antique and modern, the hospice offers 11 double rooms, 2 single rooms and a 5-bed room. Warm with green energy, enjoy with the sparkling, treeless landscape.