Noun 1. Unavailability Ice Fishing Shelter by Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter

‘Noun 1. Unavailability’ is a installation project by Oslo-based architecture studio Gartnerfuglen (Gardener Bird) . This is a small shelter for ice fishing built with and by nature.

Architects: Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter
location: Lake Møsvatn, Telemark, Norway
Photography: Olav Lunde Arneberg, Astrid Rohde Wang

Inspiration from architect:

The timber frame is foldable for easy relocation and storage, and is effortlessly put up anywhere by one (or two small) persons in 30 seconds.

The walls are filled with panels of ice made with water from the lake beneath you, cast in snow. The ice panels function as a first skin against the harsh winter winds, creating a pocket of heated air and tranquillity, as the cold light of the setting sun is diffused through the frozen water.