Neuendorf House / John Pawson

Architects: John Pawson
Location: Mallorca, Spain
Photography: Richard Bryant, Courtesy of NEUENDORF HOUSE

Hidden in an almond and olive grove of thirty acres on the southern part of the island of Majorca, NEUENDORF HOUSE was created by architects John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin for the Neuendorf family.

This vacation house for a German art dealer is set in an almond grove on the island of Mallorca, with views of the sea and mountains.

The composition of the atrium is emphatically vertical, the exaggerated height of the walls dramatized by the narrowness of the slot opening. As the design brings together certain conventions of interior and exterior spaces, so it plays with the opposition of raw nature and the formality of architecture, with pigments from the soil being used to tint the render.