Nest Sofa / Zilalila

100%羊毛编织而成,再生EPS材料填充,名为巢(Nest)的懒人沙发。Zilalila是来自荷兰的羊毛制品品牌,由Sam 和Anita两位女孩创建。

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“Imagine the combination of a beanbag chair, your favourite pillow and a big cosy sweater all into one ultimate cushion.”

NEST was the start of Zilalila. Made of 100% wool. The inside cotton cushion is hand woven and filled with recycled eps material, which you can refill if you feel like.
Like no other home is the same, our NESTs are also one of a kind; each NEST is branded with a number to make sure you are the owner of an unique item.