Loft Riva San Vitale by Durisch + Nolli

Situated in the industrial zone of Riva San Vitale, the Loft Riva San Vitale is conceived as a superstructure above a furniture warehouse built in the 1930s, replaced a caretaker apartment constructed in 1988.

Architects: Durisch + Nolli Architetti
Location: Via Segoma, Switzerland
Photographs: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

The new building assumes the characteristics typical of the industrial zone, analog to the skylights, glazing, and greenhouses in the surrounding area, the vertical building shell comprises completely of glass.

The interiors were given an identity through defining living modules, the façade surrounds all four sides of the loft without interruption and thus creates a unique, pleasant, and diffuse light in the interior that is reminiscent of traditional Japanese residential buildings.

Inspiration from architect:

The exterior facades consist completely of generously sized modules made up of two profiled glass bowls that encase the innovative new glass and an optimum diffusion of light in the building interior. The translucent façade is punctuated by precisely-aligned, large sliding windows, which provide ambience.