© Ian Allen

Lavaflow 7 House by Craig Steely Architecture

Located on five acres of dense Ohia forest on the Big Island of Hawaii, Lavaflow 7 is a cast-in-place concrete residence along with views of the forest, the sky, and the coastline.

Architects: Craig Steely Architecture
Location: Big Island, Hawaii, USA
Photography: Bruce Damonte, Ian Allen for Dwell

Built on the rock formed from a previous eruption of the active volcano Kilauea, this house is the No.7 Lava Flow house created by San Francisco architect Craig Steely.

It features a 40 meters concrete beam running the length of the building, and huge glass doors out to the lanai.

Inspiration from architect:

the native ohia tree gnarled gray bark offsetting its brilliant red lehua flowers, is one of my first inspirations for building in concrete.

The Lavaflow 7 continues our exploration of a reductive architecture that enhances the experience of living in this compelling environment.