Koto Design Cabins

Koto designs bespoke and off-the-shelf prefabricated cabins that are perfect for extra living accommodation, home offices, retreats, or holiday rentals. The buildings draw inspiration from Koto’s passion for Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese design whilst maximizing the size to conform to the Caravan Act.

The Koto studio co-founded by Zoe, Johnathon, and Theo designs modular houses, cabins, and sculptural small buildings, with each one drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design and culture. Co-founders, Johnathon and Zoë Little, returned from living on the shores of Norway’s fjords with a deep appreciation of the local aesthetic and environment.

Koto has created a cabin that serves as a place of deep work and mediation, a contemplative room, an immersive space to connect with the surrounding nature. The structure assumes an elegant and functional sculptural geometric form with large glazing that frames views of the garden. The structure is entirely natural and carbon neutral. The charred timber exterior draws from our Japanese design influence and the ancient Japanese philosophy Wabi Sabi, which focused on accepting the transient nature of life and the beauty in imperfection.