Bathroom Renovation by Studio Nest

Amsterdam-based Interior design studio Nest had converted a small bathroom to light Inspiration: a nice walk in shower and underfloor heating, overflow washstand and by a tailor to make a closet space for the washer and dryer to process.

Rational layout and excellent lighting design, so there is the actual size of the bathroom space look twice as big.

Bathroom Renovation by Studio Nest 03

Bathroom Renovation by Studio Nest 04

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Bathroom Design by Studio Nest 01

Bathroom Renovation by Studio Nest 05

Inspiration from designer:

The colors and materials for the bathroom and the toilet I have the color of the beach used as inspiration . This is reflected in the sand-colored tiles on the floor and tub surround. Because there are many slanted walls in the bathroom , I have chosen to make this clear and white tiling , thereby minimizing the space appear visually bigger because the extra light reflects.