Ingrid Cliff House by WMR Arquitectos

Standing on the edge of a coastal cliff, the Ingrid House is a two-story wooden residence, a warm and calm wind shelter overlooking the spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Architects: WMR Arquitectos
Location: Navidad, Chile
Photographs: Sergio Pirrone

Located in the windiest regions of Chile, the straight lines of the house has contrasts dramatically with the sinuous coastline created by these high winds.

A fully-exposed wooden terrace stands apart from the house.

Designed with a 150-centimeter grid, the rectangular house has a living area on the ground floor and bedrooms above. generous glazing takes advantage of the view of the ocean. Aside from the metal window frames and broad glazing, the house is made up essentially of wood, allowed to remain in a fairly rough state.

Inspiration from architect:

The design had two aims. One was to make the experience of the place a contemplation of the the scenery out. The other was to achieve the construction only with local materials and labour.