House in Sanda by FujiwaraMuro Architects

Located in a small hill on the banks of the pond, this house in the scenic site, white building, blue sky and green forest reflecting on the pond.

Large windows installed in the living room, creating an interior layout that allows the family especially children to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape.

Architects: Shintaro Fujiwara , Yoshio Muro / FujiwaraMuro Architects
Location: Sanda, Hyogo, Japan
Photography: Kazushi Hirano 平野 和司

Inspiration from architect:

Blessed with an abundance of natural scenery, this site features a height difference of nearly 3.5m. By creating a difference of elevation within the house, we came up with an architectural design that showcases dramatic changes in perspective and scenery unique to the site, depending on the location of the viewer.