House Rock / Caramel Architekten

Embedded in the southern sunny Viennese vineyards, house rock is one of their few, as Caramel architects call them with a smile, “red carpet” buildings that they also occasionally realize. sometimes it just has to be a little more – without showing off.

Architects: Caramel Architekten
Location: Vienna, Austria
Photography: Hertha Hurnaus

On the one hand, it rises like an eagle’s nest from the allotment garden neighborhood and gives the residents one of the best views from their bathtub over the surrounding hills of the Vienna forest. on the other hand, house rock nestles against the hillside, with the street-side secludedness contrasting with the extroversion of the tower-like lookout and the almost complete opening towards the west-facing terrace and pool.

The snow-white facade made of Corian is used by Caramel at house rock as a tongue-in-cheek contrast to the cheerfully colorful surrounding small garden sheds. at the same time, the smooth, white acrylic stone acts as a projection surface for the shadow play of the surrounding trees. the client’s wish for high-quality materials was met in an unobtrusive and unpretentious manner. cast and polished terrazzo made of Danube pebbles on the ground floor and in the bathroom, white Corian on the facade, real oak floorboards, and an openable sky frame glass facade with a length of 12 meters make house rock a real luxury.