House in Ovar by Paula Santos | arquitectura

Located in a coastal city in the central region of Portugal, the House in Ovar is a large-scale uni-family residential unit made of concrete.

Architects: Paula Santos | arquitectura
Location: Ovar, Portugal
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

With geometric forms of various heights, the most expressive areas of the house are the indoor swimming pool and the painter’s studio.

The length of the corridor is used to distribute the desired functions and large areas, further creating a clipping plan, which allows for a relation with the landscape.

Inspiration from architect:

The house is an exercise where we stretched to the limit a number of ideas and concepts for a long time already contained in other projects, which had never been put in place. It is also – and above all – a project, which allows for thinking with other people about their own way of inhabiting a dwelling.