House Kohlmeier in Amsham by ArcArchitekten

Placed in the immediate vicinity of three Grade II listed farmhouses, the House Kohlmeier is the end result of refurbishing a group of old farm buildings in the small town in Lower Bavaria.

Architects: ArcArchitekten
Location: Amsham, Egglham, Germany
Photographs: Julian Weninger, Courtesy of ArcArchitekten

The building consists of two parallel rectangular volumes connected via a courtyard-like covered passageway, with simple two-pitched roofs, respectively used to be the living section and the garage/storage area.

The main house uses the ideal natural sloping terrain, the half-buried ground floor house bedrooms offer a pleasantly cool place, especially in the summer.

In the living area and guest room on the upper floor, the kitchen island represents the immediate center of the living room, light floods in through glazed walls that open onto the surrounding landscape.

Thanks to the wooden structure of the outer façade and roof, the house has optimum thermal insulation properties.