House in Inchigeelagh by Markus Schietsch

Located on the hills near Inchigeelah in Ireland, Zurich-based firm Markus Schietsch Arkitekten has extended an Irish country house into new living and sleeping areas.

Architects: Markus Schietsch Architekten
Location: Inchigeelagh, Co. Cork, Ireland
Photographs: Andreas Buschmann

The new building directly adjoins the existing building and spreads to the northern hill strip to be bent at the hill to the top, where one can enjoy the view of the sprawling landscape.

The distinctive bend is included in the interior in a baroque-shaped space layer again. The curved staircases contained therein connect the living area on the ground floor with a level higher than the bedroom at the level of the ridge and the semi-fitted underground bathroom.

Inspiration from architect:

The type of the classic house is transformed into a sculptural structure, which results in outdoor and indoor space into exciting spatial situations and experiences of space. By changing readability between classic house and expressive sculpture creates an expressive ensemble of buildings that interlocks with the surrounding landscape.