House for Julia and Bjorn by Architekten Innauer Matt

Nestled on a sloping site in a hamlet of Dornbirn, the House for Julia and Bjorn is a two-story single-family home with a lattice wood structure and steep roof, enjoying a spectacular view of the village beneath and the surrounding mountain scenery.

Architects: Architekten Innauer Matt
Location: Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria
Photographs: Adolf Bereuter

The entrance is located on the first floor, a gallery-like extension to the roof, making the small rooms astonishingly generous. Two terraces open up under a lime tree towards the east and a walnut tree to the west.

The living area spans across the whole the spacious ground floor of the building, all furnishings and floors made from solid spruce.

Inspiration from architect:

Due to the inclination and the narrow nature of the premises, the clear layering of the building follows the contour lines and makes use of the sloping ground.

On each floor, an enclosed service zone emphasizes the longitudinal alignment of the house.Its spatial depth is visible in niches and relief- like protrusions.