House for a Photographer II by OAB

Built on a 250×18 meters plot surrounded by an arable area, leading from the beach by 52 Washingtonian palm trees, the House for a Photographer II is a single-family house with a white exterior and split design.

Architects: OAB. Office of Architecture in Barcelona
Location: Alcanar, Tarragona, Spain
Photographs: Alejo Bagué

Constructed on a platform 70 cm high above the level of the natural floodable ground, three small irregular floor plans and section buildings dialogue through an empty space with fleeting views.

The empty center is converted into the main area of the house: a tense area, made up geometrically in its upper part by means of the high opaque bodies of the various pavilions.

A Picasso painting was painted in this coastal town on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is currently in the Picasso Museum in Paris.

Inspiration from architects:

The play on volume decomposition reminds us of the Picasso cubist composition. The clear-dark and the intense daylight in this area of the Mediterranean balance the topographical plenitude of this area of the Delta.