House 05 by ZIEGLER Antonin architecte

Located on a seaside rural area in the Haute-Normandie region in northern France, the House 05 is a house extension project named “Cliffs Impasse”, which added a private library and a garage to the existing country house.

Architects: ZIEGLER Antonin architecte
Location: Senneville-sur-Fécamp, France
Photographs: Antonin Ziegler

This 60 sqm blackened plywood box is open on three sides, both inside and everything is made of wood, a group of unusual windows along the north side and the west offers a view of the sea.

Inside, elevated two meters, two rows of bookshelves fill the interior of the house facing the south side.

Inspiration from architects:

This is to create a space dedicated to the inspiration and writing.

The extension of the house is treated as an observatory, in both directions: from inside to outside and vice versa.