Hotel Aire de Bardenas by Emiliano López Mónica Rivera Arquitectes

沙漠里的四星酒店 Hotel Aire de Bardenas 位于西班牙 Navarre 地区,毗邻 Bardenas ,一字排开的带巨大窗口的迷你客房共22间。 visit >>

Architects: Emiliano López Mónica Rivera Arquitectes
Location: Tudela, Navarre, Spain
Photographs: José Hevia

From the architects:

The site for the four-star hotel is a wheat field, located 3 km from Tudela’s town center and in the limits of the Bardenas Reales de Navarra, a spectacular natural park with semi-desert landscape.

Given the site’s great views but its sometimes inhospitable conditions (wind, dust, high temperatures), we conceived the hotel as a succession of protected and comfortable interior spaces from which to contemplate the exterior.

The architecture, interior spaces and landscape design, seek to bring the dweller close to the rural and austere character of the surroundings by providing simple, generous and silent spaces……