© Relja Ivanić

Gošići Community Center / AIM Studio 

Community Center, realized in the Montenegrin coastal village of Gošići, is an example of the missing socially engaged architecture, which in the last twenty years, due to the lack of adequate investments in public spaces and facilities, becomes a marginalized architectural activity. In this case, the common interest is expressed in favor of the local community, which should be an example of local government investments in projects that improve the value of the built environment and ensure the quality of public content.

Architects: AIM Studio 
Location: Tivat, Montenegro
Photography: Relja Ivanić

The Center is designed as a house and a garden, a multipurpose indoor and outdoor space. Standing in the center of a Mediterranean village aggressively disrupted by unplanned buildings and upgrades, in its white monolithic appearance it represents a kind of abstract urban miniature. Regardless of the limited resources, why the quality of the elements and details remained insufficient, the significance of this Center exceeds the material completeness.