Void(wood) by Bedaux Furniture

Created by Dutch studio Bedaux Furniture, the Void(wood) is a furniture series made of plywood, its load-bearing wooden shell looks like both 2D and 3D at the same time.

Designer: Pieter Bedaux / Bedaux Furniture
Photography: Rogier Fokke

Void(wood) stool by Bedaux Furniture

Void(wood) tables by Bedaux Furniture

Bedaux Furniture was founded by two dutch cousins Pieter and Thijs Bedaux, Pieter works as an architect and Thijs runs a furniture workshop.

Void(wood) table m by Bedaux Furniture

Void(wood) bench by Bedaux Furniture

Inspiration from designer:

Void(wood) is first and foremost an experiment in tectonics. Its architectural composition of planes communicates both a concern for comfort as well as strength, and of course ultimately beauty. Void)wood tries to reconcile these tectonic gestures within its overall sculptural geometry.

Bedaux Furniture