Flood Plain House and Fishing House by Paul Hirzel

Located on a flood plain of the Potlatch River, two adjacent cantilevered metal buildings belong to the same owner, who wants a live-work space for their winery and vineyard.

Architects: Paul Hirzel
Location: Potlatch River, Idaho, USA
Photographs: Jim Van Gundy

Supported by a 186-foot Howe truss on 4 piers above the “500-year flood event” elevation, the “Bridge Structure” is the main live space with a 32-foot-long cantilever extending over the river.

While the “Lookout Structure” is perched on a narrow basalt cliff overlooking a spawning pool on the river, additional guest facilities, a small event space, storage, and a studio are in the Lookout Structure.

Interiors of both structures are finished with local pine, exposed lumber framing, and standard plywood, and in the case of the Lookout space.