Designer Home: Kinderhook Retreat of Steven Harris and Rees Roberts

Situated on the crown of a hill between the Catskills and the Berkshires in Upstate New York, Kinderhook Retreat is a 50-acre private estate owned by Steven Harris and Lucien Rees Roberts.

This is an absolute dream country house: modernist white-shingled architecture, magnificent pastoral landscape design, apple tree, croquet stadium and two-acre man-made lake……

Architects: Steven Harris Architects, Rees Roberts Interiors, Margie Ruddick Landscape
Location: Kinderhook, New York, USA
Photography: Scott Frances, William Abranowicz

Steven Harris is a Florida-born architect and Lucien Rees Roberts is a British interiors designer, this designer couple took a great deal of careful planning in their own minimalist haven since 1992.

Inspiration from architect:

Harris was inspired by the 1920s modernist concept of small spaces crafted as precisely as possible for maximum living.

The first structure was a white-stained, shingled box completed in 1992, measuring 12x4x6 meter, the second building was completed four years ago. Connected by an underground passage, it stands perpendicular to its twin and is oriented north-south, so the structures form an L.

The windows are intentionally too big or too little, either picture frames or whole walls of glass.