Conkwell Workshop by Feilden Fowles

Half buried into the hillside near Bath, about 2 hours drive west of London, the Conkwell Workshop is a rock-like studio with a kitchen, enjoying the views over the valley.

Architects: Feilden Fowles
Location: Conkwell, Wiltshire, UK
Photographs: Courtesy of Feilden Fowles

The form mimics the undulating landscape and references the historic datum of the site, allowing the landscape to wrap over the rooftop, hiding it from above.

Timber construction is explored both structurally and in the cladding in direct reference to the woods in the background.

Inside, distinct in character and materiality in the trio, the workshop is located at the base of the hill and entrance to the property.

Inspiration from architects:

The studio on the hillside draws from the unique natural history of the area, inspired by a large boulder which sat on the site.