Concrete Cube Villa Mörtnäs by Fourfoursixsix

Stand out from the surrounding cottage-style neighbors in the Stockholm Archipelago, the Villa Mörtnäs is a four-bedroom family home with stark concrete form and generous 3.2m high openings framing stunning views of the sea.

Architects: Fourfoursixsix
Location: Mörtnäs, Sweden
Photographs: Johan Dehlin

The house is constructed from a single leaf insulative aerated concrete block, embedded in steep terrain with a rock-face terrace, creating a sense of enclosure and maintaining privacy.

The upper floor is an open plan living space with high ceilings and full-height windows, while beneath are four family bedrooms which have lower ceiling heights and proportionally smaller windows.

The interior is decorated simply with whitened pine floors, large windows exaggerate the scale of the living space whilst highlighting views of the harbor beyond.

Inspiration from Fourfoursixsix:

Key to the design’s proportion is the exaggerated floor to ceiling height compared with the bedroom level below, which allows vast amounts of light in, particularly through the large, south-facing, sliding glass doors.