Compact Off-grid Pump House by Branch Studio Architects

Adjacent to a large dam and sits on the open paddocks, just 50 minutes from Melbourne, Pump House is a simple off-grid home with compact design.

With the help of cousin, architect Nicholas Russo, the owner/carpenter Daniel Russo built a self-sufficient guest house used the agricultural materials such as corrugated iron, low-grade plywood and rough sawn timber, together with old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Architects: Branch Studio Architects
Location: Victoria, Australia
Photography: Lakshal Perera

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Inspiration from architect:

The Pump House was driven by the intersection of these three prerequisites – it had to be a considered response (architectural detailing), it had to be easy to build (simplicity of construction) & it had to be cost effective (affordability) – and in many ways is an architectural prototype that tests our responses to these age old dilemmas… it’s very much like a 1:1 concept model based on ideas which evolved through our discussions and previous experiences.