Cliffside Earth Sheltering Casa Brutale by OPA

Preparing by Greek-based practice Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), the Casa Brutale is a dream earth sheltering house mosaic in a vertical cliff edge of the Aegean Sea.

The subtle form of underground building is defined by three thick concrete slabs with all the installations preformed, the only one façade on the cliff side is enormous glazing wall frames and extracts the breathtaking sea view.


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The roof is a glazed crystalline swimming pool, in perfect continuation of the vast blue of the Aegean Sea, and let the abundant natural light through, illuminating the residence.

After descending 50 stairs under the shadows of epic concrete beams, you reach the underground palace, the remaining space is bare, pure and simple — the game of light and shadow to take center stage.

Inspiration from architects:

Casa Brutale is OPA’s challenging vision of innovative architecture, an ambient residence project constructed with simple materials: wood, glass and concrete, the convergence of the surrounding earth and water.