Werknutzungsbewilligung für Gerhard Sacher. loci cero. architectes, Graz

Chapel Maria Magdalena by Sacher Locicero architects

Made of white concrete, the Chapel Maria Magdalena is a minimal town family chapel that looks like a small sculptural object which stands in the spectacular landscape of gentle hill locks of Zollfeld.

Architects: Sacher Locicero architects
Location: Zollfeld, Austria
Photography: Paul Ott

The ridge of the gable roof is 7,78 meters high. In the sidewalls, there are transversely cut-it window slots, three on each side. The east-side front with full-size glazing and the outside bronze cross by a Czech artist.

On the opposite, towards the forecourt situated, a massive, bronze, the two-wing gate is handmade by the same Czech artist and can be wide open integrating the forecourt, and thus offering room for those standing outside.

The white side walls inside shield the abundance of the surrounding cultural landscape and creates a bright, contemplative space radiating peace and purity.