Casa Voltes by Sergison Bates +Liebman Villavecchia

Collaborated by UK architectural practices Sergison Bates and Barcelona-based firm Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos, the Casa Voltes is a partial rebuild of a private house in the historic coastal town of Cadaqués.

Overlooking the privileged view of the bay and mountains, this new house is a two-story house that replaces a townhouse on a small and narrow street.

Architects: Sergison Bates architects, Liebman Villavecchia Arquitectos
Location: Cadaques, Catalonia, Spain
Photography: Lorenzo Kàràsz, Daniele Ansidei

The main room of the first floor is a space of five sides, stone tiles and Arab elements have been used in new interiors. I like the cellar with a stone vault possibly from the eighteenth century, and the dramatic light coming through a square hole.