Casa Atlântica / Acayaba + Rosenberg

It is a semi-detached house on both sides on a typical plot of Rua Atlântica, which had already undergone renovation in the 90s. In this intervention, the central space of the house was re-articulated by a double-height ceiling in which the massive square and thick hangs free, surrounded by the zenith light that bathes the interiors in a soft, homogeneous, and changing light.

Architects: Acayaba + Rosenberg
Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Photography: Federico Cairoli

In the void that reverberates the white and the sound of the piano, two walls contain the staircase that reveals to the resident permanent abstract cuts in the path between floors.

The zenith light that penetrates washing the walls radically transforms the white and the space according to the weather and seasons. The environment can take on a bluish hue on sunny days, grayish on rainy days, and orange in the late afternoon, in a constant mutation that reveals the subtleties of the light spectrum and its intensities over the absence of color.