Carvel Chair by Andrew Clancy for Déanta

Designed by Irish architect Andrew Clancy in collaboration with local shipwright Matthew O’Malley, the Carvel Chair is a boat-like lounge chair that is fabricated from wind-felled larch, hand-shaped, and fixed with copper roves.

Designer: Andrew Clancy / Clancy Moore Architects
Manufacturer: Déanta

The trees it uses are wind felled and air seasoned for 2 years. The form of the chair from individually hand-shaped planks, steamed and bound together into a simple shape that is incredibly light, strong, and comfortable. The shell is incredibly light and strong that flexes to the user.

Inspiration from designer:

I’ve always been fascinated by the techniques of boat building. There is an economy of material linked to geometry which makes these simple forms able to withstand the constant movement of the water around the hull. The design of this chair is the result of many conversations with a great boat builder about how this process works. It was in thinking about his observations we realized that much of what he was describing would have applications to other areas.