Calling a plan a map by ON design partners

Overlooking the panorama of Fuji Mountain, Enoshima Island, and Sagami Bay, “Calling a plan a map” is a residence but looks like a village.

Architects Osamu Nishida and Erika Nakagawa created a family living map by building 23 separate small huts and storage structures on a 650 sqm meadow, both the furniture and the buildings are composed of wooden boxes.

Architects: Osamu Nishida, Erika Nakagawa / ON design partners
Location: Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Photography: Koichi Torimura

Inspiration from architect:

The architects aimed to transform the entire meadow into a tangible collection of living spaces. They treated the structures that people can enter with the same attention as those that cannot be entered. The resulting “map” of the home is constantly being redrawn and renewed through the dialogue of daily use.