By the Way House by KWK Promes

Standing in a secluded area of countryside in central Poland, surrounded by lush greenery and connect by winding driveway, the By the Way House is a unique two-story residence with modern interiors overlooking a river.

Architects: KWK Promes
Location: Poland

The road runs through an old orchard avoiding the trees and reaches the place, where the house was supposed to be. It rises and twists around the level of the first floor, expanding towards the view, both up and up. Underneath the ground floor rooms are located. Then the ribbon unrolled and becomes a footbridge connecting the level of the first floor with the garden level and further meanders between the trees on a steep slope towards the river.

Inspiration from architects:

The wrapped road creates ceilings, roof, and walls of the building, and in the middle remains its dream functional arrangement. We have one theme that sets the whole.