Braamcamp Freire School by CVDB Arquitectos

Located at the edge of the historical centre of Pontinha, Lisbon, the Braamcamp Freire School is one single building around a central “learning square”, characterized by the contrast of concrete facades with the partial vibrant colours in spaces.

Architects: CVDB Arquitectos
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Photography: invisiblegentleman

As part of a nationwide program that aims at renovating more than 300 schools, CVDB Arquitectos refurbished the Braamcamp Freire Secondary School in 2007.

Holes of various shapes were cut into the supporting pillars along the ramp to enhance the interactivity of the school’s architecture, it provides the pillars with a playful nature and allows for different types of interaction (sitting, traversing, leaning on, talking…).

Inspiration from architect:

The permanent and informal studying spaces are being valorized, integrating the concept of “learning street”, encouraging the proximity between the students, the various educative programs and the whole scholar community.