Bivak under Grintove by Miha Kajzelj

Situated at an altitude of 2080m, in the Kamnik Alps north of Ljubljana, the Bivak under Grintovec is a small building as a shelter for mountaineers, which replaces the old bivouac that was built in 1972.

Architects: Miha Kajzelj
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Photography: Matevž Paternoster

The bivouac is a 2×3×4.5 meters volume placed on a minimal concrete base, the inside can only receive 6 -a maximum of 8 people, and the upper levels are designed as a uniform sleeping cabin for 2-3 people.

Designed by Slovenian architect and mountaineer Miha Kajzelj, the vertical windows are placed beside the corner and enable the best view of the mountains that dominate the mountain scenery.

Inspiration from architect:

Its outer skin is consisted of aluminum isolating panels, that prevents loose of heat produced by human bodies. The inner skin is made of wooden perforated panels that enable to penetrate the body moisture away; therefore the interior skin is always dry and warm. As a result of the vertical interior concept the upper floor is always warmer then the down floors.